I studied Textile design and Fine Art, after a short passage in fashion trend bureaux I turned towards graphic design and illustrations, mainly using handmade paper collages which I would twist through Photoshop. This love for hand-made things has been quite a thread in my path. Whether later through videos, illustration, collage, space transformation, sculpture, painting, writing, or music, I like to ‘touch’ a craft and play with it. As a plastic artist, my exhibited works are visible on my personal website here.

This blog is more of an intimate space where I can write and explain about my thoughts, path, different processes, activities and passions. A platform where I can share some creations that are not necessarily finished or ready, where I could publish – why not? – music compositions that I have no pretension to release. The lockdown brought its set of new passions (guitar, singing, and songwriting) and, as imperfect as they are, they are very dear to me.

I have never had a diary though I always loved to write. This place could be the start of a journey. I will of course encourage any comments, feedback and messages.

I borrow Nick Cave’s way of ending his letters to his fans (which I am, even though I still didn’t get any answer to my question in his Red Hand Files):

Love, Ethel